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SGF 5000 Box and bottle
Natural Growth Factor

  • New cutting edge technology delivers world’s most potent super growth factors with SGF horse protein supplements.
  • 500% more selected proteins and natural growth factors than any competitor.
  • The advancements in SGF-5000 will take your horse or racing camel to a new level of competitiveness.
  • SGF-5000 is only for the serious competitor with the will to win.
  • It’s 100% safe for the competition and has no banned substance.
  • Take advantage of the latest development in technology available and use SGF-5000.

Contents 6 x 10ml sterile vials
Each vial contains 10ml of Liquid Fractionated Ovine Placental Protein Extract 50% w/v

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What is SGF-5000?

SGF-5000 is an innovative sterile liquid extract consisting of selected proteins, cytokines, (polypeptide regulators that are produced by cells of diverse embryological origin), peptides and other growth factors and signalling molecules obtained from ovine placenta extract.

These performance horse supplements are manufactured and purified via a low temperature process that involves homogenization, fractionation and ultra-filtration of (fractionated) liquid ovine placental extract suspended in a sterile liquid solution.

SGF-5000 supersedes all other ovine placenta extract. Its super strength formulation and micro processing allows SGF-5000 to exceed up to 500% more concentration of selected proteins as well as natural growth factors and regenerative cells providing repair and maintaining a healthy response to the elite equine athletes.

The new technology and advancement in micro processing as well as the selection of the most powerful liquid ovine extract available has provided SGF- 5000 as the most potent natural horse supplements and equine growth factor available anywhere in the world.

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What Does SGF-5000 Achieve?

SGF-5000 is rated as the best equine joint supplement which maximizes the health and wellbeing of elite performance animals, enhancing and optimizing its muscular, tissue and tendon structure as well as the immune system, SGF-5000 enables an animal to perform at its optimum levels in training and performing in competition and events.

Nutrition, exercise, breeding and care are the key ingredients that make up the animal athlete. The highest levels of performance in racing, wording or show animals can only be realized when basic feed and supplement needs are met SGF-5000 offers the complete balanced protein and amino acid supplement with regenerative properties that is needed by animals in all types and stages of competition and breeding.

The SGF-5000 race horse supplements work at the cellular level, most importantly at the stem cell level. Bathe the cells in the best possible protein and the cells will respond with resilience, health and longevity, strength and endurance.

This generates abundant health and in tum the whole animal exhibits strength, stamina and better resistance to parasites and disease by increasing the immune system. When the cells are healthy, the entire animal is healthy, enabling it to perform at its very best also providing a healthy environment which will aid in fertility.Taylormade Horse Supplies are the supplements and service experts. Don’t waste your time and start adding SGF 5000 to your cart.

For International Sales Inquiry regarding SGF 5000 equine supplements, please give us a call at +61 421779000,
you can also drop us an email at

For the Elite Competitors

500% stronger Horse Supplements than any competitor